Are Regular Dental Cleanings Necessary?

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Have you had a dental cleaning yet this year? If not, it’s time to book an appointment with your dental hygienist. Professional dental cleanings are crucial to maintaining good oral health and to keep your smile bright throughout the year. Most patients will require dental cleanings every six months to optimize oral health and prevent issues from building, however, those with active gum disease may require more frequent cleanings. Dental cleanings may also be accompanied by a dental exam by a dentist, which occur once or twice a year.

So, why are regular dental cleanings necessary to maximize your oral health?

1. Prevents Cavities

One of the most beneficial factors of regular dental cleanings is cavity prevention. Cavities are decayed areas of your tooth; tiny holes or openings. They can occur on the smooth surface of the tooth or work their way down to the roots. Cavities are induced by plaque build-up which attacks the enamel of your tooth and compromises its integrity as a whole.

You can help to prevent cavities by regularly brushing your teeth and flossing, however, this does not remove one hundred percent of the plaque buildup. As a result, regular and professional cleanings, as well as dental checkups, are crucial for both cavity prevention and early detection. Spotting a cavity in the early stages could prevent more invasive treatment, such as root canals.

Your dental hygienist can also provide a topical fluoride treatment which can assist in cavity prevention.

2. Stain Removal

Regular dental cleanings can keep your smile bright and your teeth white. During your cleaning, your dental hygienist will be able to remove the surface stains on your teeth to eradicate that dull and discoloured appearance. When tooth stains are left unaddressed, they become more difficult to remove.

During a dental cleaning, you’ll also receive easy tips to maintain the cleanliness of your teeth and prevent excess staining.

3. Remove Plaque and Tartar Buildup

No matter how rigorous you are with your at-home brushing and flossing, there are likely some hard-to-reach areas where plaque has settled. Within 24 hours, this plaque begins to harden and turns into a substance called Tartar (or Calculus). Tartar can lead to gum disease, which is an infection of the soft tissue that can sometimes compromise the boney support of your teeth. If left untreated, tooth loss may occur.

Through regular dental cleanings, you can ensure that your oral health is optimized. At Dr. Jonathan Low Family Dentistry and Sorrento Dental, a trained hygienist will remove the soft plaque and hard deposits to help prevent the development of gum disease, cavities, and tooth loss.

4. Treat Oral Diseases

Should you currently have active gum disease (gingivitis or periodontal disease), regular dental hygiene cleaning appointments are crucial to your oral health. Dr. Low and his team of dental hygienists may suggest that you come in for cleanings more than twice a year to prevent further development and provide treatment to the affected areas.

Oral cancer is often spotted in dental offices first. Consequently, when completing your dental cleaning, your mouth and throat are carefully inspected by the hygienist. If you are due for a checkup, the dentist will also provide an oral cancer screen as well. Early oral cancer detection generally leads to better treatment outcomes.

5. Prevent Bad Breath

No one wants to suffer the wrath of stinky breath. A lack of oral hygiene will cause bad breath due to the excess plaque and tartar buildup. Therefore, developing good habits such as brushing and flossing your teeth daily can aid in removing this buildup. Furthermore, ensure that no spots are missed through having your teeth professionally and routinely cleaned. By visiting Dr. Jonathan Low Family Dentistry and Sorrento Dental for regular cleanings, you can optimize your oral health and be confident in your smile.

Home Care

To get the most out of your dental cleanings, it’s important to develop healthy, at home habits in your everyday routine.

To upkeep proper oral care from home, you should:

• Brush your teeth twice daily using a toothpaste containing fluoride
• Floss at least once a day
• Use a non-alcohol containing mouthwash
• Avoid smoking and other forms of tobacco
• Book regular professional dental cleanings based on the advice of your dentist

Book a Cleaning Today

In combination with proper home care, regular dental cleanings help maintain the health of your teeth and periodontium (the supporting structures of your teeth). They can keep your smile bright and your teeth and gums healthy. Dr. Jonathan Low and his team of dental professionals can provide thorough cleanings and proper treatment to optimize your oral health. Book your appointment today.